Does This Make Me a Lifestyle Blogger?

If you’re thinking, who’s this bish think she is blogging about her life? Gwyneth Paltrow?  I don’t blame you.

But guess what – I don’t give a crap. This is something I decided that I want to do, it makes me happy, and in the words of T-Swizzle, “the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.”

Read my ramblings if you want and don’t if you don’t. Cool? Cool.

When I decided to study abroad this fall, I knew I wanted to start a blog to document the journey. Maybe my excessive free time in the summer got to me, but I suddenly had the urge to start NOW. And what if I liked blogging and wanted to continue when I got back home? So here I am now and I can add “blog” to my ever growing list of social media platforms I use.

I hesitated about starting this blog because of the negative connotation that “lifestyle blogs” get. Many are written by women with ample income sharing their “fall essentials” that add up to over $1,000. I find them entertaining to read on occasion, however to the general public they can come off as pretentious. However, there are probably many blogs out there like mine that are written by middle-class people like me. Honestly, I haven’t read that many lifestyle blogs though, so I could be wrong. But I’m definitely not the first 20 year old to suddenly decide to start sharing her life with strangers.

This post is intended to be an introduction to my blog and what kind of material I am going to be sharing with you all. Here’s a little of what you can expect:

  • Tributes and odes to food. Yes, seriously. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with food. I’ve got a blog about Chicago restaurants as well. Click here if you’re not sick of my writing yet and want to read it. Side note: I thought about being a nutrition major in college then decided against it because of my genuine hatred for chemistry. What kind of measurement unit is a mole?
  • Travel adventures! I’m studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary this fall and I plan to share stories and moments from my experience on here. Once I leave on September 6th, that will probably take up most of my posts. So check here regularly if you want to stay updated on what I’m up to while I’m gone. Yep, I’m gonna be that annoying girl who studies abroad in Europe; I’ll try not to use the phrase “life-changing” too often.
  • What I’m listening to every once in a while. Songs or albums that I’m “feeling” at the moment. Then you’ll get to judge me based on my music taste, which seems to be a thing these days.
  • Quotes that speak to me and books that I enjoy. Although I don’t actually read that much. So I’ll probably end up sharing every book I read with you guys, which will amount to approximately seven a year. But then I have to subtract the embarrassing guilty pleasure books that I definitely won’t be sharing with you guys… so make that four.
  • And honestly any other idea that pops into my head that I feel like writing about.

A few things you should not expect from this blog:

  • My fall fashion essentials!
  • 10 reasons everyone should go to Europe!
  • Photos of 15 puppies that will melt your heart!
  • How to blast belly fat in 5 days!
  • 5 new superfoods you’ve never heard of!

Sorry, I don’t know the simple secret to living longer that no ones knows about. But hopefully you now know that I try not to take myself too seriously and I hope to make you laugh a little using sarcasm and my mediocre wit. I’ll always try to be genuine, honest, and real on here. Although I will not be spouting my deepest and darkest secrets.

Anyways, if you’ve enjoyed this post or my previous post, then hopefully you’ll stick around to read some of my future ones. If you’ve made it this far reading and really didn’t like this post, then I’m a little confused as to why you are still reading, but I’m glad you know what you like and hope you find a blog that better suits your interests.

So, am I a lifestyle blogger? I don’t really know; I have no interest in becoming the next Gwyneth, and my lifestyle is pretty inconsistent right now, but it’s a blog about my life. I guess I’ll just start by calling myself a blogger.

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