Adding Value: Minimalism Film

Adding Value is a collection of posts where I recommend books, movies, podcasts, or anything that has been adding value to my life lately, and hopefully will add value to yours too.ย 

I want to take a moment to recommend a phenomenal documentary called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It was produced by two great guys who call themselves The Minimalists. I’ve learned a lot this year from their essays and podcasts, and I bought tickets to see their documentary in theaters this May. I immediately pre-ordered the film on Vimeo after seeing it in theaters because I think that the film has a message for everyone. (Update 12/23/16: the film is now on Netflix!)

Here is one of my favorite excerpts from the film:

When you recognize that this life is yours, and that it is your one and only, and when that ceases to be esoteric bullshit, when that’s not hippie poetry anymore, when the pragmatism of that statement seeps directly in your bones and you recognize that this is it, everything changes. – AJ Leon

And here is the trailer for the film:

I can’t recommend this film enough. It has takeaways for men and women of all ages, demographics, and cultural backgrounds. Also, if you are interested in learning more about minimalism, definitely check out The Minimalists!

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