Does This Make Me a Lifestyle Blogger?

If you’re thinking, who’s this bish think she is blogging about her life? Gwyneth Paltrow?  I don’t blame you.

But guess what – I don’t give a crap. This is something I decided that I want to do, it makes me happy, and in the words of T-Swizzle, “the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.”

Read my ramblings if you want and don’t if you don’t. Cool? Cool.

When I decided to study abroad this fall, I knew I wanted to start a blog to document the journey. Maybe my excessive free time in the summer got to me, but I suddenly had the urge to start NOW. And what if I liked blogging and wanted to continue when I got back home? So here I am now and I can add “blog” to my ever growing list of social media platforms I use.

I hesitated about starting this blog because of the negative connotation that “lifestyle blogs” get. Many are written by women with ample income sharing their “fall essentials” that add up to over $1,000. I find them entertaining to read on occasion, however to the general public they can come off as pretentious. However, there are probably many blogs out there like mine that are written by middle-class people like me. Honestly, I haven’t read that many lifestyle blogs though, so I could be wrong. But I’m definitely not the first 20 year old to suddenly decide to start sharing her life with strangers.

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My Goodness!

My goodness, it is hard to choose a name for a blog! It’s like choosing your major in college: you can essentially change it whenever you want, but it’s one of those things you want to get right on your first swing.

Made up words are generally either hard to remember or come off sounding pretentious. Goop, anyone? I wanted to choose something catchy that also incorporated a little bit of me. “Cece’s Travels” and “The Simple Life of Cece” sound corny and amateur. Although, who am I kidding, I definitely am an amateur. The best rhyme I could come up with was “Cece likes Reeses,” so rhyming was off the table.

Here is what happens when your name is Cece and you introduce yourself to someone over the age of 45: First they say, “Nice to meet you Stacy!” Then you decide whether or not it is worth it to correct them based on if you are going to see them again or not. If it is deemed worthwhile, you reply with, “No, sorry, it’s SEE – SEE,” making sure to enunciate each syllable. At this point they usually have a pretty confused look on their face because of your “contemporary” name. To remedy this, you explain, “It’s short for Cecelia.” Then their faces light up and they say, “Oh that makes sense!” Sometimes it ends there. But most of the time they go on to start singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” (same pronunciation, different spelling). Then you politely smile and laugh at their oh so clever and unique joke.

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