Prague: Pretty and Pretty Odd

If I learned anything from my trip to Prague, it’s that weird things happen in Prague. I’m not going to list them all right now, because that’s no fun. You’ll have to read about the normal things I did as well to hear about the weird things.

Before we even left Budapest though, things got interesting. On the way to the bus station with my travel companions, Alyssa and Anum, we encountered the end of a Hungarian soccer game. As we were leaving the metro, floods of people were trying to enter while cheering “Magyarország!” (“Hungary” in Hungarian) and drunkenly waving flags; it was like being a salmon swimming upstream. As we waited for the late bus to arrive we gawked at all the cute Hungarian guys walking by and wondered where they’d been this whole time we’d been in Budapest so far. We quickly decided that we needed to attend a game soon.

The bus eventually arrived and we set off on our seven hour overnight journey to the Czech Republic. After semi-successfully attempting to sleep while sitting upright for the whole ride, we arrived to the Prague Florenc bus station at 6:45 am. Being frugalistas, we decided to take the metro to our hostel rather than take a taxi. Well, this took a while. First we got lost trying to find the metro, even though it was right next to the bus station. Then we found the ticket machine but it only took coins and we only had large bills. Then we tried to get change by buying a pastry from the bakery in the metro station. Anum and I got change, but they wouldn’t give Alyssa change (weird). So we went back up to the bus station to ask another bakery and a Burger King to give us change for our bills; the bakery gave me change but refused Alyssa again. We still didn’t have enough change for all of us, so we decided to try the convenience store. Turns out you could just buy metro tickets at the counter there… who knew.

After easily navigating the metro once we hopped on (even with a transfer… we are metro pros after living in Chicago), we got off at the station near our hostel. Now was the matter of walking to the hostel. After a little wandering in the wrong direction and asking a police officer for directions, we finally found our hostel. We dropped our bags off at Hostel Santini and set off for the Old Town Square. On the way there a woman literally stuck her tongue out at Alyssa… like I said, Prague is odd.

The St. Charles Bridge - you can see the Prague Castle in the distance as well
The St. Charles Bridge – you can see the Prague Castle in the distance as well

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