A Note on Flying

11/05/15  13:52

I love flying.

Some people don’t like it, but there are so many good things about it. Airports are like shopping malls with better food and no taxes. Even though I almost never buy stuff, it’s nice to know it’s there. Everyone has a different story of where they’re going and why.

Plus, flying is such a cool concept as it is. You’re in this metal box flying through the air; way cooler than a bus or train. The views are spectacular and if you’re lucky you can get some free wine. (My definition of “lucky” is not riding a budget airline where they charge you for everything other than breathing.) The movies on long flights are better than the selection on Netflix. Also, on long flights you get food brought right to you every few hours so you never go hungry. It’s usually decent food. I just had the best cheese sandwich on KLM. I’m serious, the bread and cheese were really good quality.

But I think my favorite part about flying is that you have no agenda or expectations while you’re in the air. No Wi-Fi to check social media; no one can contact you. Life gets put on hold for a little bit. You have time to yourself to do whatever you want, like read or sleep or simply stare at the gorgeous sky of this gorgeous world we live in. If you are flying to your destination you are filled with gleeful excitement and anticipation. While you may be exhausted on the journey home, you know you have your familiar bed waiting for you.

I’m currently flying to Amsterdam as I type this into a note on my phone. I’m sipping white wine, the sun is warming the left side of my face and my left arm, and no one is in the middle seat next to me. Even though I was on a plane home from another trip only four short days ago, I’m happy to be on a plane again because I know a new adventure awaits me. But for now I’ve got some time to myself and I couldn’t be happier.

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