The Balance Between Health, Happiness, and Hustle

Today was one of those days where I had no social plans and spent the day doing stuff on my own. While I like that for about half the day, my extroverted side gets bored quickly. However, when I’m not talking much to others during the day, I end up talking to myself. The question I found myself asking today was, where do we find the balance between health, happiness, and hustle?

Let me elaborate. Not having any plans for the day got me thinking about the balance between health and having a social life. When I think of being healthy, I think of having a consistent sleep schedule with at least eight hours a night, cooking healthy meals at home, and drinking in moderation. In contrast, when I think of the typical “college” social life, I think of staying out late and sleeping in late the next day, eating out with friends at not-so-healthy restaurants, and drinking maybe more than one would consider “in moderation”.

Being healthy makes me happy and so does having a social life. But in terms of the typical “college” social life I just mentioned, those rarely overlap. Yes, of course there are ways to be social without drinking and staying out late. I love working out and cooking with friends, as well as hanging out during normal daytime hours. But if you’re like me and you enjoy the occasional party, it’s not likely that you’ll stay home from a party you want to attend for the sake of your health (unless you’re a pro-athlete that relies on your body for your job, but most of us aren’t).

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A Day Trip to Eger, Hungary

When living in a new country, it’s probably best not to see only one city. Following the advice of my father to go somewhere in Hungary besides Budapest, a few friends and I took a day trip to Eger in early October.

I wasn’t going to blog about Eger at first, but then I thought, small towns deserve as much recognition as big cities! Why not tell you all about somewhere you’ve most likely never heard of? So here’s a short post about the cute little town of Eger, Hungary!

Eger can be reached by a two-hour train ride from Budapest. The best advice I can give about Eger is just to stroll around and take your time. It’s not a very big town, however it is quite charming. There are a few pretty churches, a nice main square, cute restaurants, a castle, and best of all, Szépasszonyvölgy, or more commonly known among tourists as the Valley of Beautiful Women.


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A Note on Flying

11/05/15  13:52

I love flying.

Some people don’t like it, but there are so many good things about it. Airports are like shopping malls with better food and no taxes. Even though I almost never buy stuff, it’s nice to know it’s there. Everyone has a different story of where they’re going and why.

Plus, flying is such a cool concept as it is. You’re in this metal box flying through the air; way cooler than a bus or train. The views are spectacular and if you’re lucky you can get some free wine. (My definition of “lucky” is not riding a budget airline where they charge you for everything other than breathing.) The movies on long flights are better than the selection on Netflix. Also, on long flights you get food brought right to you every few hours so you never go hungry. It’s usually decent food. I just had the best cheese sandwich on KLM. I’m serious, the bread and cheese were really good quality.

But I think my favorite part about flying is that you have no agenda or expectations while you’re in the air. No Wi-Fi to check social media; no one can contact you. Life gets put on hold for a little bit. You have time to yourself to do whatever you want, like read or sleep or simply stare at the gorgeous sky of this gorgeous world we live in. If you are flying to your destination you are filled with gleeful excitement and anticipation. While you may be exhausted on the journey home, you know you have your familiar bed waiting for you.

I’m currently flying to Amsterdam as I type this into a note on my phone. I’m sipping white wine, the sun is warming the left side of my face and my left arm, and no one is in the middle seat next to me. Even though I was on a plane home from another trip only four short days ago, I’m happy to be on a plane again because I know a new adventure awaits me. But for now I’ve got some time to myself and I couldn’t be happier.

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Learning to Sit Still: A Two-Month Reflection

In three short days I will have been in Europe for exactly two months. It’s really nuts to think about – the time has certainly flown by! Coming up on this two-month mark, I decided it was an appropriate time to reflect a little on what I’ve learned so far. As you are probably wondering from the title of this, what do I mean by learning to sit still? Well, let me elaborate.

Before this, the longest trip I’ve ever been on was two weeks. A semester is certainly longer than that. On short trips I’m used to packing in as much as possible. I’m always thinking about the next thing to see or do. Even at DePaul I am constantly on the move. My calendar is packed with classes, clubs, internships, and social events.

In Budapest I actually have quite a bit of free-time. I hesitate to say in Europe, because I’m usually gone on the weekends visiting other countries where my “Go, go, go” motto falls back into play. But when I’m home in Budapest I get to sit and breathe. That’s right, home in Budapest; this city quickly felt like home after the first few weeks. However, it took me a while to learn how this whole free-time thing works. My initial mentality was, I’m in a new city! I must see, do, and try everything right now! Then it hit me: I have until late December to explore Budapest. It’s okay to take a nap. It’s okay to watch a movie.

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