The Great Minnesota Get Together

Minnesotans are very prideful people. We love our lakes, Bob Dylan, Prince, and our generally awful sports teams. But we especially love our state fair. Don’t you Iowans dare tell us that your fair is better. Even Wisconsin natives know that their fair sucks and readily admit to it. The Minnesota state fair reigns supreme over all others except maybe Texas, which I’ve heard has a pretty bangin’ fair too. But they are far enough away that they aren’t too much of a threat. As they say, everything’s bigger in Texas.

Some people go for the rides, others for the animals, but most go for the food. I personally go primarily for the food, people watching, and riding the giant slide. The sky ride is pretty fun too if you’ve got time.

I went on the opening day this year with my brother Gus, which sadly is the only time I will make it this year. I would go several times if I could, but for the sake of my waistline and my wallet I usually stick to twice at most.

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Playing North Looper

Halfway between my house and my job in northeast Minneapolis (or Nordeast, as the locals call it) stands downtown Minneapolis. And parked precariously close to my place of employment, just on the other side of the Mississippi river, is the North Loop.

It is every hip millennial’s fantasy; located in the Warehouse District, modern renovated apartments, restaurants, and shops dwell in old industrial buildings. There is an abundance of coffee shops, cycling studios, yoga studios, hybrid yoga-cycling studios, amazing restaurants, niche boutiques, and of course, a Whole Foods. Basically, it’s my dream neighborhood.

Seeing as I don’t yet have the means to make my dream of living there a reality, I play pretend every once in a while. I get brunch with my family on Sundays, drink some kombucha, and wander around the farmers market; I love it.

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