Adding Value: Rob Bell is So Good

Adding Value is a collection of posts where I recommend books, movies, podcasts, or anything that has been adding value to my life lately, and hopefully will add value to yours too. 

I first heard of Rob Bell from The Minimalists (whose documentary is featured in a previous Adding Value post). While at a local bookstore in Minneapolis this June, I saw a copy of his book How to Be Here. I recognized the title, as it had been given high accolades from The Minimalists. Rob Bell happened to have been at that bookstore recently while on a book tour, so the copy was signed.


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Just a Quote

I was watching one of my favorite movies today, Stuck in Love, and a particular line jumped out at me.

A writer is the sum of their experiences. Go get some.

As I’m studying abroad, I feel so grateful to have countless experiences waiting for me and at my fingertips. I wouldn’t even call myself a writer, but I know that if I ever want to call myself that, I have these experiences to thank for inspiration. And if you haven’t seen that movie, go watch it –  if not for the soundtrack alone. It’s funny, heartwarming, and despite the name, not a corny rom-com. Now go make today an experience.

dreams don't workunless you do
An image I threw together using a photo I took in Capri, Italy.